After Your Session

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You want to print your own family photos, but I know you heard it before from just about every photographer you have ever worked with… the dreaded “ you should really print photos through me” speech.  I know it seems like a sales pitch, and it may even make you want to plug your ears […]

Successfully Print Your Own Family Photos…

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Soft Edit Versus Fine Art Edit…What’s the Difference? You have heard me use the term soft edit or fine art edit, but do you want to know a bit more about them? What exactly is a soft edit? Why get a fine art edit? What exactly is the difference? Here are the details…   What is […]

Soft Edit Versus Fine Art Edit…

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Guys, this is so NOT what it looks like outside my window right now, but I’ve recently updated some of the walls in my home with new, bright, sunny pictures. If I can’t have sunshine outside, I might as well make sure that I have sunshine here in my home.  Winter brings a lot of […]

I’ve got a wall, got a wall full of sunshine … do you?