my kids taught me flexibility and fun.. see how that influences your session!

my kids taught me flexibility and fun.. see how that influences your session!

Adventure Sessions


“photography is about capturing souls, not smiles.”

Let's tailor your experience


      see you overwhelmed with forcing a smile, freezing in a pose, and stressing over what to wear. In a world overtaken by perfect social media families, I understand how it feels. I have been frustrated by these same things trying to get a posed picture of my three crazy boys who want nothing to do with the camera.

So let this Kansas City photographer help you to just cut that out of the equation! We will play games, explore, and just be silly while also getting some great shots. Let me turn family photos from "ugh" to "Yes! let's go to Wildwood Ranch!" You can get memories AND fun!

The Outdoor Experience is shot at Wildwood Ranch, 3 miles southeast of Kill Creek Park in Olathe.    

starting at $300

Cozy Sessions

Some things are important. 
 Your family is one of them.

Happy Kids.  Distinctive Art Piece.  Unique Experience.

your family; in your setting

starting at $600

        ometimes life is so sweet we want to capture it in its most solid form.  Sometimes you are too tired to plan, pretend, or be anything other than authentic and raw.  Your life matters; you can take back your memories!

Let me guide you through the family photo process to get painless, authentic, and fun documentary-style photos! I offer real candid pictures that represent not only your family members, but their personalities too!

I love the real stuff.  An in-home family session involves you and your family doing your favorite activities in the cozy and comfy setting of your own home.  If you love the comfort of low-key prep...this is your session!

What is more raw than welcoming a new life?   Nothing! 

 Let me help you document this new chapter of life with minimal planning but DEEP emotion. Only a handful of Kansas City photographers are comfortable in this element; YOUR element! It involves me catching what it is like for you and your new baby in those first few weeks of life. Sleep deprivation is a real thing and I can help you to NEVER forget those baby toes, that diaper change, those sleepy little eyes. I want to catch all the details of you and your new baby's current phase of life!

*Additional fees if traveling outside Olathe, KS. Travel fee will be determined upon booking your session

Why not capture your real moments




Finally, child-lead photo sessions that are meaningful.  not a chore.


Check out my blog for tips on what to wear, how to get the most out of your session, and other helpful tid bits!


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