Adventure Sessions

my kids taught me flexibility and fun.. see how that influences your session!

my kids taught me flexibility and fun.. see how that influences your session!

Finally, child-lead photo sessions that are meaningful.  not a chore.



“photography is about capturing souls, not smiles.”

Let's tailor your experience


      see you overwhelmed with forcing a smile, freezing in a pose, and stressing over what to wear. In a world overtaken by perfect social media families, I understand how it feels. I have been frustrated by these same things trying to get a posed picture of my three crazy boys who want nothing to do with the camera.

So let this Kansas City photographer help you to just cut that out of the equation! We will play games, explore, and just be silly while also getting some great shots. Let me turn family photos from "ugh" to "Yes! let's go to Wildwood Ranch!" You can get memories AND fun!

The Outdoor Experience is shot at Wildwood Ranch, 3 miles southeast of Kill Creek Park in Olathe.    

How to guarantee fun...

Child led at it's finest...

"It's like stepping into Midsummer Night's Dream. I know that sounds exaggerated, but it's not. There were deer running through the fields and we had the most perfect fall sunset. My family and I are generally never smiling at the same time and often have goofy expressions, Tarah got MULTIPLE good shots of all 4 of us. And the pictures of my kids together were my absolute favorite. I'm incredibly happy with them. I highly recommend Tarah, she is wonderful."
-Client Testimonial

Add on Specialty Products

The complete memoirs

-6 social sharing files so that you keep the best of the best and nothing less.

-slide show of files set to music
-25 social sharing downloads so that you can have all the great detail shots.

remember the whole Story

-12 social sharing downloads so that you can share all the big moments up on your wall.

Those who want just a Tale

-Slide show of images set to music.
-Social sharing download of ENTIRE proofing gallery so you can share every last moment. 

For the minimalist

Step 2   Add Your Digital Package 

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Step 1   How many hours do you want to cover?

Family lifestyle sessions start with a $250 + tax session fee.  These sessions run for 45 minutes to an hour.  They are primarily shot at my Ranch in Olathe, but can be upgraded and shot at an outside location. 

*An initial $50 payment is due upon booking.  Payment plans are available, and can be set up during our pre-session call.

Total Cost for Session + Package Starts at $400 +tax

$725 (1,000+ value)

$250 ($300 value)


$500 ($650 value)

Custom prints, albums, and framed art are available & we can talk about what fits YOUR needs in your post session call.  

Let's talk Pricing...

 THE Breakdown

After your session, we will have a zoom call to review your proofing gallery. Make your to-do list smaller! Let me help you plan, order, and purchase in a simplified way. I can help you order EXACTLY what you need; with no extra money wasted on images you don't or won't use. We can brainstorm together about what products you actually want in your house.   

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Remember these sessions are authentic and should tell your story. There is no need to prep! Just show up for adventure sessions on time and with an open heart!  If you are the planning type, then just plan to play, explore, and have fun!

have our session!


Once booked all you have to do is sign the contract, pay your session fee, and mark our session down in your schedule! 

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Schedule a laid back chat with me! I will most likely have a toddler or puppy  on my lap during this chat so feel free to bring yours along too;.  After this call you are set  and don't need to plan ANYTHING else!

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