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 Kansas City Family Photography

Tell me a little bit about yourself via the form on my contacts page (linked below at the end of this page).  The more I know about your family, what you want out of photos, and what you enjoy doing together... the better I can answer your questions before you even have them!

Every session is customized, which means you will get a photo session that fits YOU!

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Once you reach out I will send over all the info you need to feel prepared for our session.  You can view that while feeding your little one at 2 am, or check it in the school carline.  It is all easy to access right from your phone!  

This process should be easy for you, so I have streamlined the process to be quick and easy to do from anywhere.  If you still have questions throughout the process please don't hesitate to ask.  If I missed important info, I definitely want to clear it up, so just send me a quick email or text. 

We have a pre-session chat in person or virtually over zoom to discuss you and your family. This helps me to really pinpoint opportunities to see your kids shine because if they are enjoying the session so will you! So if that fun activity is hiking, dancing, playing soccer, creating a cool nature craft, or playing a scavenger hunt game…. we will incorporate it into your session.  

3. ask me Anything

Taking a good photo consists of many things like lighting, placement, posing, editing, and framing the image. The real truth behind a beautiful photo though is in the emotion. A truly beautiful photo makes you feel intertwined and bonded with it. A staged photo of your family is comparable to an encyclopedia look at your history, you get a brief and basic look at it. It is like your family but skimmed over. If we create your session based on an activity that represents your unique family then we also get those real and raw emotions that come with it! 

You job during the session is simply to interact, play, and have fun. Just be yourselves and pretend like we are scheduling a time to play and not a time for photos.

4. let's shoot!

Every sessions includes a pre-session call and a digital online proofing gallery. What that means for you is I shoot photos with your needs in mind. If you want an album I will shoot detail shots, if you want wall art I will take more long shots or portrait work. 

After your session, we will have a zoom call to review your proofing gallery.  View your images before you buy!  Let me help you plan, order, and purchase in a simplified way. I can help you order EXACTLY what you need; with no extra money wasted on images you don't or won't use. We can brainstorm together about what products you actually want in your house.   

5. your photographs

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Your Kansas City Family Photography

We go the pace of your kiddo. We mold to the things that spark their creativity, silliness, or fun. If your kid wants to bring a toy car because they love it, let them bring it with. If they don’t want to sit on the blanket for snuggle pictures and they would rather run or walk, then we will run or walk. I am not just a chaser of light but I am a follower of children too. When we let them dictate what/where/how to explore the outdoors we open up a lot of great natural opportunities to capture emotive family bonding!

Getting fall family photos can and should be a fun family bonding experience. Let me help!  

Child-led photo sessions that are FUN,


my kids taught me flexibility and fun.. see how that influences your session!


heirloom artwork • priceless

Collections from $500

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2. Your product costs (placed after you view your proofing gallery)

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Session Fee starting at $250

Tarah is the pinnacle of photojournalist AND lifestyle photography! She has this eye for light and color that create true art. We moved away from KC two years ago and we go back each year because no one else can get photos that I want hung all over my home and on my Christmas card. Her edits are always so tasteful and lovely. If you’re looking for stuffy, posed photos, Wildwood is not for you. But if you want shots of your family being authentically themselves, having fun, laughing and loving life, there is no one better.



"I recently moved to KC from LA, and am SO thankful I found Wildwood Photography!! I'm not comfortable in front of the camera, and Tarah made myself and my entire family feel so comfortable, have a ton of fun, and get INCREDIBLE shots!! I asked her to do some professional creative shots for my business (I'm a singer) as well as family shots, and she was able to create such gorgeous shots! I'm truly blown away! Best photographer in KC, hands down"

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Finally, Child-led adventure photo sessions that are meaningful, NOT a chore.  Guaranteed. 

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