I’ve got a wall, got a wall full of sunshine … do you?

Guys, this is so NOT what it looks like outside my window right now, but I’ve recently updated some of the walls in my home with new, bright, sunny pictures. If I can’t have sunshine outside, I might as well make sure that I have sunshine here in my home.  Winter brings a lot of cold weather, sickness, and gloomy days which means you are STUCK INSIDE! What better way to make this winter less gloomy than to bring some happiness and joy into your house?

If you’re like me, you have some great pictures on your computer, tablet, or phone. Bring the giggles, smiles, and summertime flowers inside every day. 

Here are my tips for decorating your house with… your own personal sunshine!

Tip #1

Find your most lived in spot.

Where in your home do you find yourself most? My most lived-in spot is my kitchen. It is where my kids whine for more food, where I cook three times a day amongst their whining, and where I relax with my coffee each morning (and maybe a glass of wine at night.) 

When I am surrounded by utter chaos, this is where I need to be able to regain my calm and composure.   Where is this spot in your home? What location needs a little extra love and a pop of joy? It is not necessarily on your staircase and it most definitely isn’t in that fancy extra room that you never enter!

gallery wall

When I stand at my kitchen sink, scrubbing ketchup off of yesterday’s plates, my view falls upon a picture of my favorite memory: a family adventure in the Rocky Mountains. Is it the best spot to show off this photograph? No, of course not, but this picture isn’t for anyone, but me. I sure hate chores, but I do LOVE the mountains.

Recently, we took some new family pictures (thank you, sister!) and I plan on moving my mountain picture to a new location, while I replace it with my new favorite photo.  Now when my boys are refusing to eat the food I just cooked, I can look up and be reminded of their cute giggles and warm smiles! Put those pictures that you love in YOUR space: above your kitchen sink, over your bathtub, inside your laundry room, or over your desk at work. During these cold winter months, bring sunshine into your most-lived spaces!

Tip #2

Fill the big empty spaces.

Filling an entire wall of space can sometimes feel intimidating.  If you have a large space, make a gallery wall out of it!  When planning out your pictures, remember that an odd number of pictures is pleasing to the eye. Start by adding three super big pictures to fill a wall, and, if you want, then filling up any remaining space with a variety of sizes until they all mesh together and look like one unit.

gallery wall

Your staircase, behind your sofa, in a hallway, over a buffet in your dining room, above your bed, on a wall in the playroom, or in a mudroom/entryway are all great places for gallery walls.  For a sweet touch, you could have your kids tiny toes hang in their own bedroom amongst pictures of them as a newborn.

gallery wall

Gallery wall spots are particularly fun because you can add in a heartwarming phrase or classical art piece to make it personal to you and your family. When I decorate my own home, I love using a mix of frames and canvas art so I can change out just a few pictures every so often as I get new favorites.

Tip #3

Sometimes, a little goes a long way.

Gallery walls are beautiful and can definitely become statement pieces for your home, but so can the little places. Don’t forget those little places hiding in your house waiting to be loved! Little spaces are just begging to be filled with little pictures!

Don’t forget to add love to the forgotten places:  

  • in the small wall space between a door and a cabinet 
  • above your key hooks
  • on a bookshelf
  • above your towel rack
  • on top of a buffet or table
  • near a potted plant
  • on your counter next to where your mail collects
  • on your fridge
  • next to your family calendar, chalkboard, or planning areas.
gallery wall

I have 9 very small picture magnets hanging on my fridge and I love them! I can change them out for a fairly cheap price, they are colorful, and they just make me smile. What tiny spots can you find in your house when you really look around? Fill them up with small wood block art pieces, a tiny hanging picture, a wood print, a vibrant metal print, a pretty 5 X 7 in a fancy frame.

Here are some more examples that I made using some of my favorite pictures of… YOU GUYS!!!!

Still feeling overwhelmed or too busy with life? 
Give me a call or shoot me an email!  I would be more than happy to help! 

I guarantee every product that I deliver through your gallery shopping cart. Not every lab is equal. I only order from labs that I trust because I know how important your memories are to you! If you are looking for a specific item and it isn’t in your gallery, just contact me and we can discuss the options for a custom order. Winter seems a little long this year, but you don’t have to wait for mother nature. Add some sunshine to your living spaces by creating a fabulous gallery wall! 

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