What to Wear for Your Photo Session

family photo outfit ideas
family photo outfit ideas

Looking for family photo outfit ideas?  Here is a photo session style guide!

First, clothing isn’t the main focus but it can be a tool for a cohesive image.  So, don’t stress!

A great outfit can make an image blend and flow, but it doesn’t make or break an image.

Some of my favorite images are the ones where my kids have messy hair, neon clothing, or a hole in their jeans… it is the feelings that make an image special!

kids smiling and moving

For family session outfit ideas, here are some things to consider:

Choose comfort: 

  • Smiles are more important than clothing. 
  • Shoes matter (barefoot can be nice for babies but bring a set along in case).
  • Comfort is key!  Taking the worry out of a difficult clothing item, will help the smiles come more naturally.

We will be moving during the photo shoot.

  • Dresses are fun for girls (if your kids actually like wearing them!)
  • Pick typical clothing that your kids are comfortable in.

Accessories make the world of a difference!

  • Bows, suspenders, sweaters, a favorite toy/stuffed animal.
  • It can add just an extra pop to the photo!

Patterns add character.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns!
  • Starting with a pattern and incorporating other colors within the pattern can help guide your family clothing choices and be a good starting point.

Textures can add depth

  • Fabric types can add a lot of depth or warmth or feel to an image.
  • Like with patterns, mixing textures can add to the image!

Where do you want your images hung?  (kids room, living room, hallway)

  • Are you wanting a piece for your living room, pick items that match or compliment your home decor color.
  • Match your style (darker clothing for a moody/bold image, light neutral for an earthy vibe, etc…)
  • Be YOU!
  • Don’t worry about fitting anyone else’s style or standards, these are your images and your clothing should make you happy.
family photo outfit ideas

I am overwhelmed!!  How do I start?!

Pick one item and work around it.

  • Who is the hardest person to dress? Choose their outfit first and fill in other neutral pieces.
  • Mixing patterns can be fun.  Choose a pattern and use the colors from it.  Find other patterns with a similar color scheme.
  • Primary colors can be fun for milestones sessions.
  • Earth tones are beautiful for fall family photos.
  • A pop of bright color can be fun for spring or summer photos.  A little here and there, can go a long way.
  • For extended multi-family sessions – pick a color theme or tone and don’t be afraid to mix patterns!

Pick a color template and just start laying items out.  This helps create a coordinated look.
 When in doubt – go neutral or choose a tone and pick solid colors.  It’s okay to go simple and let the smiles take the lead!

families in various color tones

{Bottom line} Your faces, feelings, and enjoyment during your session will make your images real and worth remembering…clothing is just a tool.  

kids in suspenders/bowties, girl in sunhat, child with bow and mother wraped in blanket

Be you, be happy, and be ready to explore!

Looking for more inspiration? Brows through my portfolio to see what other’s have worn HERE.