Understanding Your Brand.

exampl of a clean and cohesive brand image on social media
exampl of a clean and cohesive brand image on social media

Branded photos for your social media and website is a great way to catch your customer’s attention, tell your company’s story, and grow your business. Before I begin a branding photo session, it’s important that I understand your brand so we can make it come to life in your branding session.

And please note that what we create can be the first step you want your brand *to be*. The ultimate goal is to have a cohesive look between your photos, social media, logo, and website that conveys your brand, service and/or product to your customer.

exampl of a clean and cohesive brand image on social media

Things I’ll ask to see from your current brand before starting your photo session:

-Your Website

-Your Logo

-Your Social media platforms

I want to know what you like about your current brand and if it is working for your business. Does your brand tell the story that matches your business?  If it’s not working or only sort of working – it’s okay! That’s why you are taking steps to work on it. If there is a brand that has the aesthetic and feel you are wanting, please let me know.

I also encourage you to create a mood “board” – this can be on pinterest or a folder in Google Drive or Dropbox. And share it with me before your photo session.

Your brand has not been working and you’re not sure how to fix it, let’s dig a little deeper.

First, here are the main questions to think about before our session.

Are you not getting clients or getting leads but no turn around?

What kind of client do you want to attract to your site?  What feeling would bring the right person to your platform?         

  • Let’s look at your logo (if you knew nothing about your company what would your logo tell you?)
    • Is the font cohesive to your brand?
    • Who is your ideal client and what is their budget?
    • If they are high end clients, does your logo match that feel?
    • Is it memorable? Does it stand out?
  • Now, let’s look at your website/social media
    • Who are you marketing too?
    • Are you attracting your ideal client?  
    • What is your current price point, if you are higher end does your social media page represent that?
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Think about your brand as a story. What story do you want to tell?

  • Can you think of the problem that your brand/business is solving?  
  • What is the antagonist, is it lack of knowledge on a subject, is it lack of a useful item/service?
  • Do you provide a service/product?  Why do your clients need your business?
  • How can you guide them?
    • Your client should be the protagonist/hero of their own story. How can you help them get there?
    • Channel your inner Dumbledore or Yoda and guide your clients.

Does your current virtual profile reflect these? How can we capture your brand and represent it to the best of its ability? If you have examples, these are great to include in your mood board/folder.

Is your brand and the photos you want to create in your photo session clear now? Great! Let’s get started!

Do you still feel like you need some clarity and insight on your brand before your session? Let’s do it together.

set up your session

“If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you”

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Check out my Website to see how I incorporated these items in my brand.

You can also view my Instagram page for more examples.