Successfully Print Your Own Family Photos…

You want to print your own family photos, but I know you heard it before from just about every photographer you have ever worked with… the dreaded “ you should really print photos through me” speech.  I know it seems like a sales pitch, and it may even make you want to plug your ears and start humming.  But do you know WHY we all recommend to let us print your family photos for you?  We do it because we want the images we create to really be of top-notch quality.  Everyone has a budget,  I TOTALLY get that.  But, I want you to be considering a few things when thinking about your own personal budget and style. So here are the warnings, the perks, and all the must-know details. 

When printing your own photos size does matter. 

I know you are thinking here comes the whole “get a large product speech”… this is not meant in the way you think though!  I would rather you have an 11 x 14 image printed from a top-notch printer that looks awesome on your wall, than a green-toned unsaturated 30 x 40 canvas print from a box store like Walgreens. If you do print your own family photos please consider doing a sample smaller test print before ordering your ideal size.

Size does matter and when you blow up an image (especially one not edited or exported to be so large), it has the possibility to be a large eyesore.  I want you to see beautiful colors, tones, and feel happy when looking at your image.  If you are spending money on an item I want it to be worth it, last a long time, and make you happy! Remember screens are small and walls are big. There is a lot of detail in taking the small screen image and transporting it to a beautiful wall art piece!

If your budget allows for one huge amazing canvas, please let me print it!  I will edit it blown up so every detail looks top-notch. Plus my computer is synched and color corrected with tested prints for my specific lab.  I also will export it exactly to the correct size to make premium prints. If these premium prints happen to come to me looking off?  Well, then I fix it and order another until you get the top-notch image you deserve.  No other printing company guarantees such care and a precise eye.

But I have a small Budget? It makes more sence for me to print my own family photos.

But you can’t afford anything because you have a smaller budget?  If you have a small budget, maybe get six 8 x 10 prints and place them in budget frames as a collage.  You could also have one smaller print mixed in with a few decorations you already own. I offer a fun small print package called “For the nanas and the papas” via your online proofing gallery. This is a great base for starting a gallery wall. Frames for these generally sized prints can be found in most home decor stores.  You can also taker a small photo and add it to an edgy thick matted frame giving it a bigger look while also getting a premium image!

I have printed everything in my home before, why change it up now?

“But I have been printing my own photos for years”… Maybe you have already printed some things from other places and they turned out okay.  If you know your lab, and you like the quality then keep on using it. Just make sure if you go bigger or try something new it may not look the same. Another way to really make things look great is by getting a fine art edit to the photos you know you want to display around your home.

If you want to learn more about what makes a fine art edit different from your soft edit check this out. Basically, it means I will blow up your image on my screen and really fine-tune the details. Just know if you print it elsewhere it is not guaranteed to be amazing. The only prints I can guarantee are the ones I deliver! You are still taking a risk, but this seems like a less risky one since you already took it in the past!

What should you do when printing your own family photos?

I really can’t guarantee any outside printing, but if I had to suggest products that would turn out well printed by other sources I would definitely stick to prints smaller than an 8 x 10 in size.

These choices are ultimately yours to make, and if you have a set system or tried and true ordering process then feel free to purchase your digital files and go crazy! I won’t take that option away from you.  I am just here to give you some guidance before ordering from an unknown printing company and getting “meh” results. If you are looking for recommendations? There are a few public labs you can print through that are more likely to give you better quality prints. A really good reliable public site to start with is Mpix. They also print locally in Kansas, so that is an extra benefit, you can shop local!

 Don’t Forget…

Another free perk I offer is your post-session ordering call.  It is made to be tailored not only to your specific needs but to your specific budget.  Let me help you find something that works for you and looks good too!  As long as you have an active proofing gallery you can order as many times or whenever YOU choose. Every session has 6 months to order, so if you want to add something a few months down the road, let me help!

There is also that super easy option already at your fingertips too…. to just print right through the gallery shopping cart! I try to keep my print prices as fair as possible, so they will still be affordable. My main goal is to get you images you can share for years to come.