Kansas City Small Business Spotlight…

Meet my Favorite Kansas City Small Business Framer & Carpenter

A compilation of product photos.(cutting board, cake topper, family name sign, wall art, and wooden name puzzle.

I try and support every Kansas City Small Business that I can find. That is why I print locally, frame locally, provide gifts to clients from locally owned businesses, and try to shop for my props from local Kansas City Small Business retail facilities too. I wanted to share some of my favorite local Kansas City Small Businesses with you. Today I would like you to get to know the person behind the frame! Meet Sara and Todd Bruce at Wonder Wood Handcrafted Designs, LLC.

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

We have been married for 10 years and have 2 children and 3 dogs. Todd went to Kstate and I went to KU. We both have full-time jobs and we work our business during the evenings and on weekends.

What does your Kansas City Small Business do?

We have 3 main aspects to our business. Custom woodworking and framing where we frame prints from Highland cows and landscapes to professional photographers’ pieces for their clients. We also handcraft personalized signs, gifts, and art for customers upon request. We start with a comprehensive conversation on exactly what you’re looking for, offer a formal quote, and go from there! Our process is from start to finish and we follow up with you throughout the creative process so you are making decisions every step of the way. Unless you give full creative freedom which we love too! The second is our Etsy Shop, “Wonder Wood Crafted” where we laser-cut blank wood designs for others to purchase and complete/resell. And lastly, we provide a laser cutting service for other businesses or individuals needing something cut from wood or acrylic or engraved on a multitude of surfaces. We do this for businesses that need to outsource mass production work, or someone wanting gifts for real-estate clients or company gifts.

What inspires you?

We are inspired by our customers. We find that being in a position to bring their creative ideas to life, puts us in a unique and sensitive place. People trust us with their ideas and with their customers’ ideas. We have honestly never had a project request we haven’t found a way to complete unless we physically lack a tool/machinery. In that case, we will find someone who can help! The feedback we receive also inspires us to keep on this path. Hearing that your work is therapeutic when they can order a blank sign and create something beautiful at their own pace, or that the signs we make for them to complete, has increased their sales tenfold. Also hearing that you made something that could never be purchased from a store, and they’ll hold close for generations to come. It’s a great feeling.

What is your favorite thing about woodworking?

Seeing the creativity we are capable of. We have created things together I never would have imagined we could do. Working with wood is amazing too. Whether it be laser cutting a creation or making a picture frame, when you look at all the wood species out there or reclaimed wood and how you can bring dull wood to life with some sanding, some love, and a swipe of oil, it’s a neat thing!

Who in Kansas City can Wonder Wood help?

We help other businesses by offering our woodworking services to meet their needs. We also help individuals needing a custom piece they won’t find in a store. But for any woodworking or creative idea, shoot us a contact, and will discuss your project!

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Want to get in touch with Sara and Todd?

  • Facebook @wonderwoodhd
  • Instagram @wonderwoodcrafted.
  • Message them via their chat function, they are always available to chat or will send you an email answering any questions ASAP.

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