Soft Edit Versus Fine Art Edit…

Soft Edit Versus Fine Art Edit…What’s the Difference?

You have heard me use the term soft edit or fine art edit, but do you want to know a bit more about them? What exactly is a soft edit? Why get a fine art edit? What exactly is the difference?

Here are the details…  

  • What is a soft edit and what should I order with them?
    • A soft edit is a lightly edited picture, these are the images you see in your full session proofing gallery.  They are color corrected, have proper exposure, and great composition. 
    • These images are great for using in smaller prints and albums.
    • They also make great gifts to share in smaller print sizes like a 5×7 to send to great grandma.
    • Every proofing gallery includes softly edited images. You have the option to purchase these soft edits, or you may want to upgrade to a fine art edit.
An example of a soft edit.
  • Why should I upgrade to a fine art edit and not just get a soft edit?
    • There are times where you may want a little more pizzaz, and that is where a fine art edit comes in!
    • The fine art edits are a little bit fancier, basically they are a softer edit with a lot of precise corrections. 
    • These edits are best for images over 8×10 in size, headshots, images that will be printed and hung on your wall as a statement piece, or images you know you will use in holiday cards or announcements. 
An example of a fine art image.


When you purchase prints 11 x 14 or larger through your proofing gallery, you also get a complimentary fine art edit and social sharing file.  I also stand by my edit and guarantee the quality you get will not only look great in your social sharing file but also look great on your wall! 

Stay tuned for my next blog which entails the warnings, the perks, and all the must-know details regarding printing your photos. In the mean time check out my tips and tricks for making your walls pop!