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a boy standing in a line, wearing white martial arts uniform. Ready to step forward and block.

Why we love Martial Arts 

 Are you looking for Kansas City activities for kids that help learners of all abilities?  What about activities that are great for kids who love to move, or for kids who learn by doing?  You have come to the right spot!  Today I am featuring another local business that my kids and I love, Ko Martial Arts.  

We have tried a variety of Kansas City activities for kids, but our favorite has definitely been Martial Arts. The Martial Arts instructors challenge my kids physically and mentally, encouraging much more than just movement.  My boys earn belt rewards by completing chores, completing school behavior check-ins with their teachers, learning body sequencing, memorizing combinations, and talking about questions that deal with issues from how to cross the street to address how to handle bullying.  If you are looking for a well-rounded program that helps build character, and confidence and encourages movement… read this spotlight.  

Maddox, my middle son, is practicing his form before his tournament. Where he is challenged to be quick, strong, & build confidence.

A quick interview with KOMA, one of my favorite Kansas City activities for kids: 

Tell me a little bit about yourself…

Ko Martial Arts (KOMA) was founded in 2006, and we have spent more than a decade as a leading martial arts school that places our students’ positive experiences and personal growth at the center of our teaching approach. We help our students set goals, overcome challenges, and develop positive relationships.

What do you do?

Ko Martial Arts serves families in Johnson County at our South Overland Park and North Olathe locations by providing excellent martial arts instruction to students of all ages. We are a thriving community that is more than just a martial arts school. We are proud that our students consistently use the skills they develop at Ko Martial Arts to become leaders throughout their lives.

Kansas City activities for kids: KOMA

What inspires you?

We believe there are essential life lessons to learn beyond kicking and punching. Our most important role is to help each student find the best version of themselves while learning skills to be successful in the future. 

What is your favorite thing about teaching Martial Arts?

Our favorite thing about teaching martial arts is watching the transformation from the time a student starts to the moment they earn their black belt. We welcome students from all walks of life. Whether students are shy, lack confidence, or are in need of an outlet for their energy, we can see the transformation in both skill and character by the time they earn their black belt. 

Who can Martial Arts help?

Ko Martial Arts is dedicated to helping students become the best version of themselves through martial arts training. Our program focuses on building specific character traits such as discipline, focus, and self-control in every student. We believe that the benefits of our program stretch far beyond the walls of our studios and show up in our students’ lives at school, in other sports, and at home. 

Kansas City activities for kids: Want to visit them in person?

Where are you located?

We have 2 locations: 151st and Antioch in Overland Park, and College Blvd. and Lone Elm in Olathe

Want to learn more?  Visit their website thekoma.com or call 913-851-2400.  

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