Fall Family Photos… 3 Ways to Guarantee Fun!

When you think of getting dressed nice, posing, and making your kids fake smiles of course that seems miserable!  Fall family photos can be fun, I promise.  Here are 3 ways we have fun while getting candid fall family photos here at Wildwood Ranch in Olathe.  

Pick a fun family activity

We have a pre-session chat over the phone or virtually in zoom to discuss you and your family.  This helps me to really pinpoint opportunities to see your kids shine because if they are enjoying the session so will you!  So if that fun activity is hiking, dancing, playing soccer, creating a cool nature craft, or playing a scavenger hunt game…. we will incorporate it into your session.  

Make the session more into a fun family bonding time versus a photo op

Take the pressure off yourself to be styled in uncomfortable clothing.  Clothing can definitely make an image pop more artistically but if you or your kiddos are uncomfortable you will see it in those fall photos.  If they are comfy then are able to run and play.  If they are running and playing they will be smiling and it will show in the photo!  

Follow your kids lead

Kids joyfully running around grandma while she snuggles one.

We go the pace of your kiddo.  We mold to the things that spark their creativity, silliness, or fun.  If your kid wants to bring a neon green car because they love it, let them bring it with.  If they don’t want to sit on the blanket for snuggle pictures and they would rather run or walk, then we will run or walk.  I am not just a chaser of light but I am a follower of children too.  When we let them dictate what/where/how to explore the outdoors we open up a lot of great natural opportunities to capture you bonding with your kid!

Getting fall family photos can and should be a fun family bonding experience.  Let me help!  

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